Basic Things To Be Remembered While Designing Websites

To start the website design you must keep some important things. \n\nBasic things to be remembered while designing websites are\n * It should be user friendly. * It should catch the attention of viewers. * Uniformity should be maintained throughout the website. * The font style and color used should be user friendly. * The website should load quickly. * The graphics used should fit the content of the website. * It should be customized graphics which makes the website attractive. * Blinking images can be avoided. * There should not be any broken links in the website. * Concentrate on page layout,error handling and structure. * Contents and page heading should be in proper grammatical format. * Keywords should be choosen properly, it should be relevant to the website and its contents. * More attention should be given to the homepage of the website. * The Titles and page headings should be unique in the website. * Navigation through the website should be simple and straightforward. * Text and the background used in the website should be contrast to each other. * Line breaks should be proper. * Paragraphs should be seperated with proper spacing. * Cascading style sheets can be used to format the text.